Roof Boxes


We offer a large range of roof boxes including the popular Thule Motion, Force XT and Ocean range of boxes. To make the comparison of the boxes easier we have split them into categories Small,  Medium, Large and Sport to help choose the right box for your luggage and outdoor gear such as skis.


Perfect for weekend getaways


Holds all you need for a week away for two

Added space to make family holidays less stressful

Storage space to suit you,  whatever your sport

The Thule Motion XT is a roof box designed to carry lots of luggage and outdoor gear as well as looking stylish. The Thule Motion XT Large Roof Box 450Ltr which has a loading weight of 75kg and the PowerClick quick mounting system. It really is just a 2 minute task to mount it on roof bars.

The new Thule Force XT range of roof boxes is a mid market offering but offers many of the features of the Motion XT boxes such as dual-side opening, a secure locking system and the PowerClick quick mounting system plus an exclusive matt black Aeroskin aerodynamic design. The range has also increased in size with the Thule Force XT XL roof box with 500 litres of capacity.

For value Thule offer the Ocean range such as the Thule Ocean 200 Medium Roof Box 450 L which is a spacious single side opening box and is supplied with conventional U bolt fixings.