Roof Bars

  • Can I use any of the Thule components for my previous car on my new car?  

Typically cycle, snow and watersport carriers plus roof boxes will be fine.

For roof bars some items maybe reused. It usually depends on the fitting kit and roof bar length. Make a list of the components you have then find your new car and make a list of the components you need. To do this please use our detailed Thule Look Up We can then provide what you need. Of course any queries by all means give us a call on 01344 286454 or send us an email sales@carbox.co.uk

  • What is a Thule Evo WingBar?

These Thule bars have an aerodynamic oval shape.  They are smarter than the black plastic coated steel square bars and have some practical advantages too as shown below.

  • Are the Evo Wingbars worth the extra expense?

If you use the standard Evo Wingbars you can use the whole length of the bar because the roof bar fixings (the roof bar “footpack”) are below the roofbar.  This will allow you to carry more, e.g. a roof box and bike carriers, or to have more space between items such as bike carriers.

With the Wingbar Edge roofbars you do lose some of the width due to the edge fixing system but adapters can still be used to maximise the space and the other advantages remain such as:

  • The Evo Wingbars are quieter than the square bars.
  • Evo Wingbars create less drag than the square bars.
  • These minimise the impact on fuel consumption.
  • Evo Wingbars look smarter than the square bars and are more in keeping with current vehicle designs.


  • Which is the best size of roof box to fit my Car?

It can be difficult to visualise the different sizes of box on top of the car so to make things easier all boxes are listed as Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. Small is ideal for smaller hatchback cars but medium is the all round luggage box which is the most popular choice such as the Motion XT or Force XT roof box ranges.

Should you need to carry skis or other long sporting equipment make sure the box is at least 195cm long. These are the Motion XT Sport or Force XT Sport or large boxes like the Motion XT large or Force XT large.

  • Can I fit a bike or watersport vessel beside my roof box?

Yes in most cases you can but it can depend on the type of roof bars used (see above). To be sure we would recommend the Sport roof boxes such as the Thule Motion Sport XT or Force XT Sport as these are narrower in width. You can the fit the sport carrier beside the box then.

  • What is the difference between the Thule Motion XT and Force XT Roof Boxes?

The Motion range of roof boxes take a maximum load capacity of 75kg and the range comes with the Power-Click mounting system which makes it extremely simple to mount onto the roof bars. They have a number of other features too such as the locking mechanism with locking indicator and handle. They have a high gloss black finish. The Force XT range also has a maximum load capacity of 75kgs and comes with the Power-Click mounting system. They have a matt black aero finish and simpler LockKnob locking mechanism.

  • How heavy is a roof box?

Typically they range between 15-20 kgs depending on the size and model so not that heavy and most can be mounted by one person on a standard car. Taller vehicles such as SUV’s and 4×4’s may need 2 people to lift it onto the roof bars.

  • How can I store a roof box?

You can store a roof box upright standing vertically sitting on it’s rear or a hoist or Thule multi-lift is an ideal way to store it horizontally and up against a shed or garage roof. A roof box cover is a worth while investment too protecting it whilst in storage.

Bike Carriers

  • What considerations are there for the towbar mounted bike carriers?

Each carrier has it’s own range of features. Obviously the number of bikes needing to be carried is the first (some carriers have an optional additional bike carrier which provides flexibility). Other things to consider is ease of use to fit, weight and storage. If you have limited space at home, in the shed or garage, then a folding carrier such as the Thule EasyFold XT2 933 or XT3 934 can make a big difference to ease of use and practicality. The Thule VeloCompact 925 2 bike and 927 3-4 bike carriers also have some excellent storage features.

There are some differences in the pin plug connection too with 7 and 13 pin plug connections. We sell 7-13 pin and 13-7 pin adapters for these so it’s an easy thing to workaround.

  • How many bikes can I carry on my roof Bars?

The maximum is usually 4. It ultimately depends on the size of your vehicle and the roof bars being used. With the Thule Evo Wingbars you can use the full width of the bars. The carriers can be mounted in opposing directions if fitting 3 or 4 carriers so that 1 or 2 of the bikes face backwards maximising space and avoiding handlebars clashing or restricting the width available.

Boot Liners

  • Why should I spend more on a Carbox boot liner rather than the cheaper ones that are advertised on the internet?

The Carbox liners meet the highest quality standards approved by the car manufacturers. The product is robust, long lasting and fits perfectly. The quality of the material means that the Carbox keeps it form and does not ‘ruffle up’ after a short time unlike some cheaper versions. Carbox does not make a liner for every car so we also offer the Cool-Liner that very nearly matches the quality of the Carbox liners and are also produced to an exact fit for your vehicle.

  • Carbox don’t do a high sided boot liner for my car. What is the alternative?

Carbox only produce a tailored high sided Carbox liner for a few specific cars. The alternative is the Carbox ‘Your Size’ which is a universal Carbox with the option of different sizes. Please measure the length and width (at the narrowest point) and call us with your measurements and we will be happy to advise on the correct Carbox ‘Your Size’ for your car.

  • What does it mean by upper and lower boot in the application guide?

There can be some confusion with regard to the height of the removable shelving that you find in the boot of some cars. Often you have the choice of two different heights which means the boot liner will be a different shape depending on the location of the movable shelf in the boot. It is a good idea to check the exact the boot configuration you have so the correct liner is ordered.

Do you hold everything in stock?

  • We maintain a good stock of the more popular products from all our suppliers.
  • However some items do drop out of stock at times but we will order in any items immediately to fulfil orders. Delivery to us usually only takes 1-2 days. The exception to this is the Cool-Liners that come from the EU and these can take ~10 days to be received.

Are you affiliated with the company Carbox GmbH in Germany?

  • No we are a separate company. We supply their products via a separate UK distributor.

What are your company registration details?

Our details are as follows:

Registration name – Motor-Carbox Limited

Place of registration – Companies House, Cardiff for England and Wales

Registered office address – 12 Knights Close, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 5QR

Company number – 10923567