Hire Service


Roof Box Hire

MT Car Box provides a hire service for roof boxes, roof bars, cycle, snow and water sport racks plus bike boxes and snow chains/snow socks to meet the needs of your holidays and adventures.

Fitting is free at the MT Car Box showroom in Warfield, Berkshire. We also provide a delivery and fitting service for the west London areas and the home counties (see below for postcode coverage).

If you’re travelling on a ferry or the Channel Tunnel please make sure your booking is valid for the additional height of your vehicle.

Important: Hiring is subject to our terms and conditions including ensuring you have adequate insurance for the items hired. Please see our T&C’s page here for further information (hire specific information is at the bottom of the page).

For reservations please use the enquiry form at the bottom of this page, phone 01344286454 or email sales@carbox.co.uk


Our hire service is available and all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned before installation. When completing the fitting we will be wearing gloves and cleaning down all the items/equipment with anti-bacterial cleaner afterwards.

Hire Service Prices


Duration 1-5 days 6-12 days 13-21 days
Roof Box – Medium (175x80x45)(1)
400ltr £75.00 £85.00 £95.00
Roof Box – Sport (190x70x45)(1) Ideal if a narrow box is needed to also carry a bike or snow/watersport carrier
300ltr £75.00 £85.00 £95.00
Roof Box – Alpine (230x70x45)(1 & 7) Ideal for long ski’s or snowboards
430ltr £95.00 £105.00 £115.00
Roof Box – Large (175-190×45)(1)
450ltr £95.00 £105.00 £115.00
Roof Box – Extra Large (200-210×74-86×37-44)(1)
480-500ltr £115.00 £125.00 £135.00
Roof Box – Thule Vector Large (232x89x36)(1)
430ltr £140.00 £160.00 £180.00


Roofbars – when hired with a box
All boxes £20.00 £25.00 £30.00
Roofbars only or with a cycle/ski+Snowboard carrier
  £40.00 £50.00 £60.00


Roof Bar Single Cycle Carrier
  £20.00 £25.00 £30.00
BikeStow Internal Van/MPV Cycle Carrier – 2 or 4 Bike version
  £25.00 £35.00 £45.00
Tow-bar Cycle Carrier – 1 Bike(4)
  £20.00 £25.00 £30.00
Tow-bar Cycle Carrier – 2 Bikes(4)
  £25.00 £35.00 £40.00
Tow-bar Cycle Carrier – 3 Bikes(4)
  £40.00 £45.00 £50.00
Tow-bar Cycle Carrier – 4 Bikes(4)
  £45.00 £50.00 £55.00


Roof Bar Ski/Snowboard Carrier(6)
  £20.00 £25.00 £30.00


Snow Chains/Socks – standard
£30.00 £35.00 £40.00
Snow Chains/Socks – SUV/4×4/MPV’s
£40.00 £50.00 £60.00


Local delivery, fitting and collection service(2)
£30.00-£60.00 (see below) £30.00-£60.00 (see below) £30.00-£60.00 (see below)


Bonza Bike Box / EVOC Bike Bag Hire(3)
£5 per day flat rate Minimum charge £15.00 10% discount for 10 days and over

1) All roof box sizes and capacities are approximate.

2) Fitting is Free at our premises in Moss End. Our Delivery and Fit Service covers the area of West London, Berkshire, Surrey and Oxfordshire with charges dependent on area:

South West (SW) – £40
West (W) – £40
North West (NW) – £60

Home Counties:
Guilford (GU) – £40
Harrow (HA) – £40
High Wycombe (HP) – £40
Kingston (KT) – £30
Reading (RG) – £30
Slough (SL) – £30
Twickenham (TW) – £30
Uxbridge (UB) – £30
Oxford (OX) – £40

3) Free local delivery and collection for bike box/bag hire (local SL and RG postcodes). Need help getting to the airport with your bike and gear? We recommend Broom Wagon Cycle Tours – see here.

4) For fitting to your existing tow-bar. If a number plate is needed this will cost £15 which is then yours to keep.

5) For fitting to your existing tow-bar. The base tilts forward when the securing bolt is released. If a number plate is needed this will cost £15 which is then yours to keep.

6) Universal ski and snowboard rack that can be fitted to roof bars with a 20mm T-Track system. It is lockable and can carry 4 pairs of ski’s or 2 snowboards.

7) This box is very long and as such, depending on your vehicle, it may over-hang the front or rear of the roof. This may impact the ability to open the boot fully.

For reservations please use the enquiry form below, phone 01344286454 or email sales@carbox.co.uk