Thule/Konig Easy-fit CU-9 102 Snow Chains (PR)

£229.95 inc. VAT

* 9mm inside and on the tread clearance.

* The internal rigid arch system makes fitting the chain very easy : from the top to the bottom of the wheel.

* The aluminum central bar is at the heart of the automatic tensioning system : just open out the built-in pedal and press down with your foot to activate the tensioning.
The chain will automatically slip around the tyre as soon as the car moves off.
tyre as soon as the car moves off.

* External release system : just press the red buttons on the aluminum bar and release the safety catch, and the chain comes away.

* Anti-scratch nylon bumpers protecting alloy wheels.

* Practical and durable bag, with built in instructions. Can also be used as a mat during fitting.