Cool-Liner Premium Tailored Boot Liner Audi A8 2010+

£44.95 inc. VAT

* Produced from thick,high quality
super anti-slip,plastic raw
material (PE)
* Super anti-slip on the whole
surface to prevent loads from
* Perfectly tailored to fit the
boot of your car.
* Extremly durable and will keep
its form in extreme temperatures.
* Unique Diamond design on the
surface providing an additional
Anti-Slip effect,improved dirt
absorption and to give an
elegant look to the car’s boot.
* Waterproof and resistant to oils
and chemical spillage.
* A high (5,5cm-6cm) protective lip
around the edge to trap water and

* 5 year guarantee

Pictures show examples of the Cool-Liner
(main picture VW Passatt Estate 15+)

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