Thule Roof Boxes

Thule Dynamic 800 Roof Box

The new Thule Dynamic 800 roof box has exquisite aerodynamics with an integrated design with diffusor technology for optimised aerodynamics and lowest setting to the car roof to give a quiet fuel efficient drive.

The Thule Dynamic 800 and 900 roof box comes with the Power-Click mounting system with integrated torque indicator for easy and secure fitting. The Dual-Side opening allows you to open the roof box from both sides for easy mounting, loading and unloading.This feature is also available on the Thule Motion roof box.

Thule Roof Boxes

The Dual-Force spring system and outside handle on the Thule Dynamic roof box guarantee a convenient opening and closing of the roof box .A non-slip base mat is supplied with a non slip surface for extra load securing.

Available in 2 sizes the Thule Dynamic 800 and 900 roof box comes in 2 exclusive colours black glossy and titan glossy.

The Thule Motion 200,800 and 900 roof box come with dual side opening, power grip quick mounting system, central locking and aerodynamic design with maximum space of between 450 and 670 litres.

You can order Thule Roof Boxes here at MT Carbox Online, click the link below to browse our main product page.

The new Thule Motion range of car roof boxes replaces the successful range of Atlantis roof boxes in the autumn of 2011. The Motion roofboxes benefit from an incresed load capacity with the most popular Motion 800 now offering 520 litres. Other enhancements include a quick mounting system with all boxes opening from both sides.Outside handles also guarantee a convenient opening and closing of the roof box. The Motion 800 has a loading capacity of 75kg to offer a roof box that combines the most litre volume and loading capacity.

Shown here is the Thule Motion 800 in the glossy white Limited Edition.
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